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With years of experience and expertise across the full value chain, from farm to final product, Continuum can advise and work on many projects that are either focused or broad in scope.



Continuum has been responsible for or involved in a number of pioneering companies and initiatives that embody sustainability:

  • Responsible Wool Standard

  • Continuum Textiles sales agency

  • i-merino sustainble certified, EU Ecolabel certified merino wool value chain

With years of merino sheep farming in Australia and grain farming in Canada, along with the development of his wool brand i-merino and consulting to Textile Exchange, the founder of Continuum, Stuart Adams, has a broad and deep view on full supply chain issues relating to traceability and sustainability. 

Product sustainability is not an endpoint, rather it is movement along a continuum towards a fully sustainable system that balances economic, social, and environmental factors.

Unsolicited feedback from Wendy Savage of Patagonia: "It was great working with and meeting Stuart! His knowledge of every level of the supply chain is super valuable; it’s as if he’s been training all these years to help the industry take a turn in the right direction."

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