Continuum has worked on a number of globally recognized projects:
Responsible Wool Standard

The Responsible Wool Standard is a voluntary global standard that will recognize and drive best practices in wool farming with respect to animal welfare and land management.  Continuum is a member of the technical committee, consulting on the welfare requirements and driving the development of the land management modules.   Continuum is also playing a key role in the calibration of the auditors that will be working with the standard, ensuring that they have the training and experience needed for consistent certification;

Continuum Textiles

Continuum Textiles was a sales agency representing socially and environmentally responsible textile solutions.  The business represented several large international textile organisations that supplied organic cotton knits, merino wool knits and denim into the North American industry. 


Continuum helped to develop and market innovative of textile products suitable for the target customers for progresssive supply chains from Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, and Indonesia.



i-merino was a branded merino wool value chain that represented a sustainable wool farming certification and a faciltated value chain that complied with the European Union Ecolabel. i-merino delivered the first certified fabric to North American brand customers in 2005. i-merino also applied an internet based integrated quality control program and inventory management system for the production of the i-merino branded wool products.


Through i-merino, Stuart developed many of the environmental and traceability criteria for wool that are now globally recognized.